Bill Vincent

44 Banbury Road, Brackley
  Northamptonshire NN3 6AT

Telephone: 01280 704132
FAX: 01280 704132
Bill cannot be contacted by e-mail

Bill is Registrar for the Lotus Mk VIII and Mark X,. the first streamlined Lotus sports-racing cars.  Bill owns the very first one - SAR5 and has being carrying out a painstaking restoration for a number of years.

Lotus Mark VIII

List of Mk. 8 built during 1954 and 1955.

Total Built 9. Total Remaining 6



No. 1 Prototype 3 The Team Lotus Works Car SAR5 MG XPEG 1466 Fully documented in 'Lotus - The Early Years' by Peter Ross and also in many books and articles. Alive and well in the U.K.


No. 2 TYC700 MG XPEG 1466 Ordered by George 'Tip' Cunane in '54. Fully restored and in Holland



No. 3 624BMG MG XPAG 1350 Built by Nigel Allen '54. Scrapped 1972. No longer exists.






No. 4 867BMX MG XPEG 1466 Ordered by Dan Margulies '54. Partly restored and in the USA.



No. 5 HUD139 Climax FWA 1100 Ordered by R.'Dick' Steed '54. Partly restored and in the U.K.


  John Coombs -500  

No. 6 KJA91 Connaught 1490 Ordered by John Coombs '54.  Rescued from imminent destruction in 1973 and remains unrestored in a private collection in the U.K.




Photo to follow



No. 7 777FRE Turner Lea-Francis 1490 Ordered by George Nixon '55. Currently under restoration in the U.K.




No photo



No. 8 SXB500 Ford 1172 engine and running gear. Mk 6 Chassis fitted with Mk 8 body shell. Painted dark blue.  Never raced and only used as a road car.  Scrapped in 1967.  No longer exists.


  John Timanus-500  

No. 9 Non U.K. registered. Ordered by James Dean less engine.  Purchased from the Dean estate by John Timanus.  Various American owners until imported into the U.K. in 1979.  Scrapped in 1980/81.  No longer exists.


Lotus Mark X

  Lotus X at Silverstone  
This where we will put some information about the car, and its history to date.