Membership in the Historic Lotus Register


Membership applications are invited from owners and enthusiasts of historic Lotus cars interested HLR-Lineup in their history and preservation. Car ownership is not a condition of membership, and owners of cars not currently covered by the HLR are welcome to join. As of 1st of January 2017 members of Club Elite mark 14 Ltd. are included as HLR members.

The "Historic Lotus" magazine is issued to all members four times a year and includes information on the early days of the Lotus Engineering Company, technical articles, and reports of historical research, discoveries and events of interest to members.

In addition to opportunities to gather at or participate in various historic motor sport events and shows, an annual meeting is organized in conjunction with a dinner at a location as central as possible to the majority of members.

The annual subscription rate is £35 for UK residents and £40 for Overseas residents. You may apply to join the HLR or renew your subscription by any of the following methods:

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Our Preferred payment methods are PayPal, Credit or Debit Card



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By UK Bank Direct Transfer, Cheque or Cash

Some existing members pay their subs by standing order or bank transfer, we will continue this method for the 2020 season, but will be asking that members switch to Direct Debit via Go Cardless once we have this method set up in the new year

If you have a UK bank account with either Online Access or Telephone banking facilities you can make an electronic direct bank transfer (UK banks) straight to the Historic Lotus Register account.  If you wish to do this please contact the memership secretary for our bank details  .

You may also, of course, pay by cheque [which must be drawn on a UK bank – with regret we cannot accept a foreign cheque (check)].   Please complete the “Cheque or Cash” on-line form by selecting the relevant item below before posting the form and cheque to our membership secretary.

While we will accept cash, providing it is in GBP Sterling notes, we must point out that we cannot accept any responsibility for cash that goes missing in the postal system.

We do NOT recommend International Bank Transfers due to the extremely high charges levied on both ends. If you must make payment by this method please contact the HLR Treasurer in advance at: treasurer@historiclotusregister.co.uk

Click here to email the Membership Secretary