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The simple newsletter produced by the HLR in the mid-1970s has grown into Historic Lotus, an authoritative magazine that is read and enjoyed throughout the world. Topics range from historic, technical, restoration, current racing event coverage and a variety of other insights into these cars and what makes them special. Issues are mailed to members four times a year.

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Historic Lotus # 90

Autumn 2017

80 pages

editor - Mike Seymour

Copies Available

Chairman's Report
Lotus 12 - Sixty Years Anniversary*
LeMans 1957 - Lotus Eleven Grand Slam!
Birth of the Lotus Seven
Lotus 7 - The First Model*
Lotus Sevens Racing
Climax DeDion Lotus Sevens
Lighter, Faster, Cheaper
Operation "Jeunesse"
Lotus 7 Special Bodies and Hardtops
The Independent Rear Suspension
The Series Three - The All Ford Seven
Lotus Seven - The Luxury Cars
Lotus 7X
A Seven for the Seventies - The Series IV
The Lotus 7 concept lives on
A Short History of the Lotus Elite
The Costin Nose
The Elite at LeMans
The Story of Team Elite
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