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The simple newsletter produced by the HLR in the mid-1970s has grown into Historic Lotus, an authoritative magazine that is read and enjoyed throughout the world. Topics range from historic, technical, restoration, current racing event coverage and a variety of other insights into these cars and what makes them special. Issues are mailed to members four times a year.

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Historic Lotus # 79

Winter 2014

40 pages

editor - K. Whittle

Copies Available

Historic Formula 3*
One Less Problem for a Registrar *
Seven Heaven, My Lotus 7 Years
The Moment Time Stood Still*
LOG 34 Report
Mad, Mad World of Motor Racing
Lotus 11 #292 Report, conclusion
Modern Vehicle Design and Lotus
Monica Memories
"Swiss" Lotus 24s
HLR 40th Anniversary Dinner
Chairmans Report
Clifford Dade
Six Degress of Lotus Separation
Lotus 11 Wiring Diagram
* sample pages for online review

Kevin Whittle
Mike Faloon
John Watson
Roger Fowler
Nigel Allen
Jill Ricketts
Rosemary Emmett
Russ Hoenig
Bill Andrews
Ernie Unger
Eric Perrin
Malcolm Ricketts
Malcolm Ricketts
Graham Capel
Michael Oliver
David Morgan


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