Historic Lotus, issue 71, Winter 2012

40 Pages

editor- Peter Ross

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2012 Goodwood Revival
Review: Ian Walker Racing
Review: Lotus 72 "Workshop Manual"
more early Coventry Climax correspondence

new legislation, re: MoT Certificates
The Bond Formula Junior
The Other Lotus Fifteen Buick
Lotus Sixes & Sevens in GT Racing
Square Cut Summer Motoriing
HLR Annual Dinner
from the Eleven Registrar
the Bob Hicks Story
Forthcoming Events, Classified Adverts
David Beard & Peter Ross
Ernie Unger

David Beard
from Eddie Jenkinson
Victor Thomas
Andrew Tart
John Donohoe
Bob Deverell & John Watson
Mssrs.' Warner, Price, Hoenig,Twyman
Charles Helps
John Watson & Esther Thomas
Victor Thomas
Richard Hinton


Historic Lotus, issue 70, Autumn 2012

40 Pages

Copies Available

Lotus Twelve to Goodwood
Classic Silverstone
Lotus Eighteen FJ Restoration
HLR at Classic LeMans
GP de l'Age d'Or, Dijon
A Brief History of Aquaplane
Mercedes Streamliners
Monterrey Motorsports Reunion, 2012
from the Eleven Registrar
Replicas and Identity Theft
forthcoming events, classified adverts
Mike Bennett
Peter Ross
John Holmes
Mssrs.' Helps, Twyman, Melissen

J. Staveley
Ed McDonough
Mssrs.' Unger, Ross, Wagner, Rossi
Bob Engberg & Stewart Smith
Victor Thomas
Victor Thomas


Historic Lotus, issue 69, Summer 2012

40 pages.
Copies available
Peter Kirwan-Taylor's Lotus Mk VI
Donington Historic - 5/6 May 2012
pages from Coventry Climax letters
Review - I Gathered No Moss - Tom Barnard
Obituary - Les Leston
Obituary - Patrick Stephens
Tony Caldersmith honored
Lotus Eleven LM 150
Monaco Historique
SR & GTC article
Strengthening a Lotus 30 for Racing
Castle Combe Track Day / Mk VI Anniversary
from the Eleven Registrar
Elevens with Live Rear Axles
Climax Engine pricing, 1960
Lotus Eleven purchased by Maserati
the Epperson S-2 - Restored
Historic Trial at Long Compton
Jan-Bart Broertjes

Peter Ross
Richard Heseltine
Darryl Reach
Peter Yeomans
Richard Harris
Woulter Melissen
Charles Best
Morris Kindig
Charles Helps
Vic Thomas
David Morgan

David Morgan
Christine Epperson
Brian Soper
Mike Warner


Historic Lotus, issue 68, Spring 2012

40 pages.
Copies available

Road-use conversion of Climax FWMP
Design Analysis of Lotus Seven S4
Review: Peter Warr's "Team Lotus . . "
Review: "Classic Team Lotus Festival Album
Tony McCusker, Obituary
The C-Type Connaught
Bahamas Speed Week Revival
Detail Erasures in Lotus Eleven Drawings
Tony McMahon's Argentinean Seven
From the Eleven Registrar
A Tale of Two Elevens
My Racing Season
Robin Read, Obituary
The First Lotus F1 Victory
Discovery, Lotus 12 Gearbox Casing Patterns

Peter Ross
Andrew Barron

Peter Ross
Peter Ross
Peter Ross
Ernie Unger
Malcolm Ricketts
Russ Hoenig
Peter Ross
Victor Thomas
Barry Adams
Joe Twyman
Peter Ross
Mark Scantlebury
Mike Bennet




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