Historic Lotus, issue 51, Winter 2007

40 Pages
Lotus in West Coast Vintage Racing 2007
HLR Annual Dinner
The Nineteen Sports-racing cars
HLR at the Club Elite Track Day at Goodwood
Letter about the Lotus 30
From the Lotus Eleven Registrar
Lotus 51 Number 13
The Lotus Queerbox Story - Part One
Lotus at the 1970 British Grand Prix
Race and Rally Results
Letter about Elite Aerodynamics
Berkeley - Inspiration for the Elite
The First Lotus in Australia - Addendum
Lotus Seven 50th Anniversary Meetings
Letter about Eleven LM150 at Silverstone 1957
Peter Ross
Bob Engberg
Peter Ross
Anthony Pritchard
John Watson
Ian Walker
Vic Thomas
Mark Litchfield
Mike Bennett and Nick Rossi
Brian Watson

Mike Marsden
Nigel Halliday
John Hilditch and Graham Howard
Charles Helps & John Watson
Ernie Unger


Historic Lotus, issue 50, Autumn 2007

40 Pages

HLR at the Silverstone Classic
Lotus in the 1957 Mille Miglia
Lotus 30 and 40 in photographs
50th Anniversary of the Elite at Silverstone
From the Lotus Eleven Registrar
Silverstone Classic
Modeling the Marque
Book Reviews
Obituary - Alan Richardson
Elite Aerodynamic Performance
From the Lotus Mk VI Registrar
Meet the Mechanics
Goodwood Revival

Peter Ross
Peter Ross
Gregor Grant
Anthony Pritchard
Vic Thomas
Peter Ross
Mike Thorn
Peter Ross

Bill Andrews

Charles Helps
Peter Ross
Peter Ross


Historic Lotus, issue 49, Summer 2007

32 Pages
Racing with the Historic Sports Car Club
The 1954 Bol d'Or in a Mk VI
Historical Technical Passport & Heritage Certificate
Joe Ward's Lotus Super Seven
Birth of the Seven
Lotus Seven Golden Jubilee at Donington Park
From the Lotus Eleven Registrar
Castle Combe Track Day 26th May
Book Review - Lotus - The Creative Edge
Obituary - Richard Spelberg
Lotus in F1 1962 and its Rivals
HLR Honorary Members
Letters from Honorary Members
Peter Ross
Andy Shepherd
Jabby Crombac
Mike Stripe

Bruce Ward
Gilbert "Mac" McIntosh
John Hutchison
Vic Thomas
Peter Ross
Peter Ross
Mike Brotherwood
Anthony Pritchard

Peter Ross


Historic Lotus, issue 48, Spring 2007

28 Pages
The John Coombs Trophy
Fin de Saison US West Coast
To Lower a Seven
The First Lotus in Australia
Lotus Show Donington - March 17-18th 2007
Review - History of the Lotus 23 by Graham Capel
From the Eleven Registrar
Lotus 20 #20-J-968 The Beginning of a Love Affair
Formula One Eighteen - A Pictorial Survey
A Cracking Little Car (the Lotus Mark IX)
Lotus Eleven Sport Chassis No 203
Lotus Nineteen Chassis #959 Returns Home
A History of the Lotus Badge
Peter Ross
Mike Marsden
Bob Engberg
John Watson
Richard Fewster
John Watson
Bill Steagall
Vic Thomas
Chris Chilcott
Anthony Pritchard
Richard Ashmead
"Mac" McIntosh
Michael Snowdon
Mike Causer




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